Offenbach-am-Main is a town just outside Frankfurt in Germany with 122,000 inhabitants.


More than a thousand years old, this city on the river Main could call itself a metropolis since 1954. Jürgen Eichenauer was the leader of the city's story. The history of the city is recorded in detail in the archive and in the museum. Offenbach is a factory city and was a center of the leather industry. In truth, Offenbach is simply a friendly little town just outside the city of Frankfurt. People could call it the suburb of Frankfurt but Offenbach residents would never agree to that and like to think of it as its own entity. Both cities are lined up right next to the Main, which are perfect destinations to get to by bicycle. After Frankfurt, Offenbach has the highest population of foreign residents in Germany. Banking and service industries is what the city is dependent on for their continuity. Offenbach is just a friendly city that has a neighbourly atmosphere.

Get in

If you want to go to Offenbach, your best plan is to go to Frankfurt and then take either a car (or taxi), or the train.

By train

Offenbach Hauptbahnhof (main station):

By train underground

Several lines will take you from Frankfurt to Offenbach City:

By tram

Get around

Bus Service gets you everywhere. Main Station for S-Bahn and Buses is Marktplatz. Ticket vending machines can be found at most bus station or just buy it from the bus driver (who can sell you 24h tickets, group tickets and tickets for the entire RMV-network.

To plan your trip with bus, S-Bahn or trains visit RMV



Shopping in Offenbach is really calm and friendly. They have Pedestrian Zones all along Frankfurterstrasse and Herrnstrasse making it easier for people to get around and see stuff without it being to overcrowded. Wilhelmsplatz a Farmers Market that is open every Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday mornings where everyone stops by to get fresh products and for every Saturday morning it is always exciting to find anything and everything at the Offenbach Flea Market.


Since Offenbach is a city with many immigrants, restaurants are very international.

Very good restaurants can be found at the Wilhelmsplatz square.



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