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Oberammergau is in the German state of Bavaria. It is famous for its Passion Play every 10 years as well as the "Luftmalerei" (when they paint mural-type illustrations on their houses and buildings).

Get in

You can reach Oberammergau by train from Munich central station (München Hauptbahnhof): take the train headed to Innsbruck (a regional train that departs on daily basis) and switch trains at Murnau train station (the train to Oberammergau is the only other train in the station). The trip from Murnau to Oberammergau shouldn't be a problem, since Oberammergau is the last station to be reached.

You can also reach Oberammergau by car: go south from Munich and take the Autobahn A-95 south to the Ettal exit. From there on the B-23 to Oberammergau.

Get around

Getting around Oberammergau shouldn't be a problem since it's a relatively small town. You can get around (as most locals do) walking, but you can also take the bus (there are a couple of bus stops in town); you could also get around by car, and like most of youth by bicycle.


Dorfstraße 20


Maurischer Kiosk in the park of Linderhof Palace
Interior of the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul




If there is something that anybody who has been to Oberammergau should have it is a wooden souvenir. Wood carving is an ancient art practised in Oberammergau (there's even a couple of schools in town), a usual Oberammergau souvenir is a wooden crucifix. There are two kinds of wooden clocks that can be purchased, the first is a cuckoo clock (which may vary in size and price) and the second one is a Bavarian clock, which goes in the opposite sense of conventional clocks with the inscription "In Bayern gehen die Uhren anders" (In Bavaria the clocks run differently).


For a small town Oberammergau offers a great variety of places to eat. If you don't wish to spend too much money in food you can try eating at one of the imbiss (bars in which food is also served). You can also eat at one of the many hotel and guest houses (where among international food, local food is also served). Desserts are to be found not only in the restaurants but also in some cafés.


Hot beverages are served in the small cafés in town. There are also cafés/ice shops in which coffee and ice creams are sold all year round. But if you'd like to have a nightcap then you probably would want to go to some of the town's bars.



For such a small town Oberammergau presents quite a variety of hotels, with prices between €45 per night to €200 per night. Location is really irrelevant since the town is quite small. Some of the hotels are pretty basic in what the offer. You can stay in places like bed and breakfasts (which have a more "family oriented" feeling) or you can stay at a 5 star hotel. You may also want to consider which hotel is adequate to your needs - for instance if you're traveling alone, if you're bringing children or even pets - because some hotels are more suited than others.

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