Nyírtass is a village in the Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county of Hungary.

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On foot or by car, this is a pretty small village.




There is nothing to buy. There is one flower-shop/gift shop which does not actually have fresh flowers. The only things for sale are items needed for daily living. There is a small "ABC" grocery.


There is one beer hall (Sőrőző) where one can eat which he enjoys a cool beer.here are no restaurants as such. The beer hall is the only place where one can purchase ready made food.



There are no hotels, motels, pensions or other formal accommodations in this town. If you really need to stay in town, you may approach one of the local people and request of them to rent out a room in their house. The going rate is usually about 10 000 Forint for a 5 to 7 day stay per person per bed.

Stay healthy

There is a great "Csaladi Orvos" (Family Doctor) in Nyirtass. Just ask, and you will be shown where his office is.

The closest hospitals are in Kisvarda or Nyiregyhaza. One of the large hospitals with international credentials is the Josa Andras Oktato Korhaz in Nyiregyhaza, on Szent Istvan ut 68. tel +36.42.465.666

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Neighboring cities include Kisvarda and Nyiregyhaza

Mátészalka, the second-largest settlement in the county. (Nyíregyháza is the largest, Kisvárda is the third-largest)

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