Bygd in Nuuk Fjord

Nuuk also known by its Danish name of Godthåb (Good Hope), is the capital and administrative centre of Greenland, with a population of around 15,000 (about 1/4 the entire population of the country). The city is sometimes accused of being rather soulless, with many high-rise blocks.



Nuuk, along with most of Greenland, has a subarctic climate. Being on the coast helps moderate temperatures somewhat, though, so winter temperatures are not unlike what one would experience in northern Europe or central Canada. However, in July the average temperature is only 7°C, with highs rarely above 15°C, so don't plan on a warm day any time of year!

The fall is the time with the most rainfall and snowfall, but it is at a pretty steady rate all year round.

Nuuk Aurora

Get in

There is absolutely no road or rail system connecting cities within Greenland. The only practical means to travel is by boat or air. On foot is less practical and far more strenuous, but somewhat plausible.

By plane

Nuuk has one airport (IATA: GOH), which is located about 4 km northeast of town.

By boat

Arctic Umiaq Line has a passenger terminal to Maniitsoq-Sisimiut-Aasiaat-Uummannaq and Paamiut-Qaqortoq-Narsaq-Narsarsuaq.

Royal Arctic Line and Blue Water are cargo-boat companies operating out of Nuuk.

Get around

Iceberg in Fjord, Summer

Nuuk has a small bus company (Nuup Bussii A/S), or you can rent a car.

Nuuk at Night



The old colonial town is located on the east coast side of the town centre. Here you will also find the statue of Hans Egede, Hans Egede's House and church.

Hans Egede monument


Nuuk Arena

Several hiking routes start from Nuuk:


Handmade seal skin gloves. They cost around 500 DKR but will serve you for a long time. Ask for a shop near Colonial town.



Central Nuuk offers a variety of locations for the enjoyment of alcoholic beverages, all within quick walking distance of each other. Nearly all pubs offer the same selection of beer (Classic on tap and Tuborg and Carlsberg in bottles) at the same (expensive) price (DKK60 for 40cl of draught), but beer from Godthaab Bryghus is also available.

Greenlandic coffee is prepared with coffee, whisky, kahlua, whipped cream and grand marnier. It is prepared at the table in a little show and if you ask, you also get the story.




Stay safe

As Nuuk is only a small town, with a population of about 15,000, there is more or less no crime, there are no slums, and no places you should avoid, you can walk around everywhere at any time and stay safe if you just use your common sense.

Go next

You can choose among the destinations served by the boats and planes leaving Nuuk. Very adventurous travelers can also head inland by foot or dog sled.

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