Nunatsiavut is a vast but sparsely-populated rural area in northern Labrador which comprises five widely-scattered native villages (Nain, Hopedale, Postville, Makkovik and Rigolet) and three abandoned ghost towns (Hebron, Okak and Nutak) spread across over 72,000 square kilometres of land.


Makkovik harbour at sunset

This is Inuit land, vast, expansive, remote, sparsely-populated and bitterly cold in winter. Nunatsiavut is Arctic or sub-Arctic and governed by natives.

Get in

There are no roads. The Trans-Labrador Highway leads as far as Goose Bay, where the voyage further north is made by sea or air.

Get around

In winter, the best way to get around is by snowmobile. In summer, there is a limited road network within each village; intercity transport is by coastal boat.


Moravian Church in Hebron
Hebron Mission circa 1860

A few national historic sites commemorate the early Moravian Mission Presence in the region:



Various native crafts (such as stone and caribou antler carvings, handmade slippers, seal skins, woven baskets and bowls) are available in the villages.


Traditionally hunting was the main source of food in this area; ptarmigan and grouse, hare, caribou, moose, ducks, goose, and seal are all harvested locally. Fishers catch salmon, arctic char, trout, smelt, cod, and snow crab. Wild birds eggs are gathered locally, along with berries such as bakeapples/cloudberry, blueberry, and partridgeberry (redberry or lingonberry).

The few grocery stores bring in a limited selection of non-local foods (starches, fruits, vegetables and meats); as costs are higher, these items normally complement (but not replace) local foodstuffs.


Each native community is able to establish an "alcohol committee" with the power to impose restrictions within its respective village.

Natuashish voted by referendum to ban alcohol from the village entirely in 2008, due to ongoing issues with substance abuse.

There is one bar (a hotel lounge) in Nain.

Beer can be purchased in Nain or Hopedale. Hard liquor can’t be purchased locally, but can be ordered from Goose Bay.







Torngat Mountains


The one token GSM cellular telephone site in the region (at Natuashish, near Davis Inlet) is operated by Lynx Mobility (a small, specialist carrier serving remote native communities).

Anywhere else in Nunatsiavut, there is no signal.

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