Nukus is a city in Qaraqalpakistan, Uzbekistan. It is the capital of the region. However, even by Uzbek standards the town is fairly decrepit and most travellers only stay one night in order to see the Savitsky gallery.

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Flying an IL-114 is an adventure itself. They fly slower and lower allowing great views of the Kyzyl Kum desert, the planes are in reasonable conditions.

By rail

Trains depart from Tashkent twice a week and head for Kungrad via Samarkand on the way; these trains stop at Nukus station. Note however that there is direct train between Nukus and Urgench (for Khiva) as Urgench is on a different branch line.

By car

Shared taxis run to and from Urgench, which is a major interchange with taxi connections to Khiva, Bukhara, and the airport. You will probably need a local taxi between the taxi stand the hotels in the centre of Nukus.

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Taxi's are plentiful and cheap - a short hop in town should cost Som500 - 1000. Everything you'll want to see is in walking distance however.


The Art Museum

Nearby is the Museum of Applied Arts showing local fabrics, traditional clothing and jewelry. The Karakalpak State Museum exhibits examples of natural history, including the very last Turan Tiger, caught in 1972.


Due to being the closest major city to the Aral Sea, Nukus is a good place to start trips to the shore and to Moynoq. The former fishing town is some 200km away and a witness of the dying Aral Sea. Its main "attraction" is the infamous ship graveyard. A taxi from Nukus to Moynaq costs around $70, asking price in Hotels is around $100. For a day trip, start early as it is 3-3,5 hrs one way. Marshrutkas also go to Moynaq via Kungrad.


There is a huge sprawling market near the bus station, selling the usual range of cheap consumer goods, clothing and food. Most of it is under cover and hence not a bad place to wander during the heat of the day. Armed with a camera and a polite 'Mogu li ya snyatʹ vashu fotografiyu?' (may I take your photograph) you can get some very atmospheric pictures.


There are few options in town - both the Mona Lisa, and the Sheraton restaurants, listed in a popular guidebook, have shut / never existed. Searching around you will find acceptable kebab places, such as the one just east of the Savitsky museum (42°27'54.03"N, 59°37'11.17"E, on the corner of Rashidova & Dosnazarov).


Note: the prices in dollars are higher than prices in Uzbek sums. And the hotels will want you to pay in dollars, not in sums (except in Nukus Hotel).


If looking for taxi to Dying Aral Sea you may contact +99861 7178779.

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