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Nuenen is a town of about 22.000 inhabitants in the municipality of Nuenen, Gerwen en Nederwetten just east of Eindhoven in the province North Brabant in The Netherlands.


Nuenen is a name of Frankish origin. The village was established between the fifth and eighth century. Axes and urns found in 1863 and 1915 confirmed that a Germanic tribe must have been lived in the territory of the present municipality. During recent excavations objects from the Urnfield period (8th century) were found. The civil municipality of Nuenen is founded around 1300 AD. The combined municipality of Nuenen, Gerwen en Nederwetten exists since 1821.

The world famous painter Vincent van Gogh lived and worked in Nuenen from December 5, 1883 to November 24, 1885. Here he created his famous painting The Potato Eaters and hundreds of other paintings and drawings.

The old core of the village Nuenen is formed by a triangular square, called De Berg, which continues to a larger triangular park, Het Park. The latter was built in the nineteenth century, one finds here a music stand, a monument to Vincent van Gogh and a monument that commemorates the Sisters of Charity. This part of Nuenen is a protected village.

Tourist information

Get in

By car

From the junction on highway A270 between Eindhoven and Helmond it’s 1 km North to Nuenen centre.

By bus

Bus number 121 and 122 leave from Eindhoven central bus terminal to Nuenen. Bus 22 drives between Eindhoven and Helmond via Nuenen.

Get around

Nuenen is a small town. You can easily go around by feet or better you hire a bike.



Statue of Vincent van Gogh in Het Park





Stay safe

Nuenen is a safe place to visit, crime records are low and violent crime is almost unheard of. Bike theft is an annoying crime that happens quite often though, so always make sure your bike is locked.

Go next

Visit Eindhoven, Helmond or 's-Hertogenbosch which all are nearby cities.

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