Novosedly na Moravě

Novosedly na Moravě is a small town in the Moravian wine region of the Czech Republic, where you can take an amazing trip by horse back through the vineyards.

Get in

You can take either a train or bus from Brno to Novosedly. From there you will have to walk east (towards Mikulov) along the main road approximately a half kilometer until you reach the ranch. The ranch will be on your left, it should be quite obvious as you can easily see the coral from the road but you know you have passed it if you come to a large brick storage field (also on your left).

For train and bus connections see,, when searching for Novosedly, there are multiple villages in the Czech Republic named Novosedly, you want Novosedly [BV].

Get around

There are plenty of local buses you can take at very little cost (10 kč).


In addition to the horseback tour, there are some spectacular vistas of the country side from the top of some of the area's larger hills. Once you are tired out from riding, you may want to go for a stroll up to the top of one of them.


Warning - Bring a pair of jeans for the horseback ride, otherwise you are likely to end up returning with several nasty blisters.


There are plenty of local home made food products available such as cheese, vegetables and a wide selection of the region's wines.


There is a restaurant with an outdoor terrace serving traditional Moravian food on the ranch. The ranch is located directly on a vineyard, so there is also a wide selection of great wines available before or after you return from the ride. The nearby pension has a restaurant where you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner. The prices for a good lunch starts around 70kč.


Accommodation is available at a well kept "pension" located right next to the ranch. The price is 300kč per adult and 200kč per child. For more information about the accommodation you can contact the pension at

Go next

The best way to get out is to continue on to Mikulov, spend some time touring around there and then take a bus or train from there to Brno.

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