Northwestern Syria

Northwestern Syria is the region around Aleppo, Syria. It contains the Dead Cities as well.

WARNING: ALL travel to Syria is very DANGEROUS and the situation is EXTREMELY VOLATILE! Nationals of other countries must LEAVE WHILE THEY STILL CAN! Ever since the start of the civil war in Syria, the country has transformed into a tourist destination into a bloodbath. Fighting between the rebels (Free Syrian Army) and the Syrian Government has occurred throughout the country. The conflict in Syria is especially high in Aleppo. With the added threat of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, travel to Syria is heavily warned against by most governments. If you still must go despite the risks, please see War zone safety.


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The people of Aleppo are famed for their love of food and visitors will find a great variety of excellent Syrian dishes for a very reasonable price.

One dish which is particular to Aleppo is muhammara, a delicious, tangy, spicy red paste of olives and roasted peppers which is eaten warm with warm flatbread.

For excellent fresh, flame-cooked lamb kebabs, try the kebab cart near the clocktower.


Alcohol is available only in the Christian quarter of the city where you will find beers and wines (mainly from Lebanon) and imported spirits. The drinking culture in the Christian Quarter tends to be quite mediterranean, with drinkers sharing a bottle of wine at a table with or after food.

There is an excellent fresh juice stall near the clock tower

Stay safe

Traveling in Syria is practically suicidal due to the recent civil war. Please see the warning box for more info.

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