Northern Niger

WARNING: Although less volatile than neighboring Mali, northern Niger is currently unsafe for travel due to the long-running conflict with the nomadic Tuareg people. After the Libyan Civil War in 2011, a significant amount of arms were brought into the area and the situation could deteriorate quickly. Kidnappings of westerners have also occurred. A government permit is required to travel in northern Niger and unlikely to be granted for tourism. Persons trying to enter independently without a permit have been arrested and deported out of the region. (Updated March 2013)
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Northern Niger covers Niger's Saharan territory.


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Intricate ornaments and dacing are important in the guérewol.

If visiting in mid-September, just after the rainy season, be sure to participate in the Cure Salee, translated as the Salt Cure because of the nearby salt flats and also known as Festival of the Nomads. It's a yearly gathering by the nomadic Tuareg and Wodaabe peoples that inhabit northern Niger and Mali taking place at the village of In-gall, 115 kilometres west of Agadez. The festival is part market, part social gathering. For the Wodaabe peoples Cure Salee is the most important guérewol, or courtship ritual, of the whole year. The guérewol is a much fascinating, that is for the western traveller, ritual where the men perform dances that can go on for days wearing elaborate make-up for women to courting a potential husband.

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Because of Malian troops, it is not recommended to go here.

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