Northern Aegean

Northern Aegean (Kuzey Ege) is the northern part of Aegean Region, Turkey.


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The village of Adatepe, on the southern foothills of the Mt. Ida

More or less corresponding to the ancient region of Aeolia, this region, occupying northern and southern coasts of the large, V-shaped Gulf of Edremit (Edremit Körfezi), is a less travelled alternative to the southern Aegean coast with silver-green olive groves everywhere. While there is not much in the way of a big city or industry in the region—except, of course, the occasional olive oil factory—most of the coast is heavily built up, especially by summer houses of Turks from other regions. In fact, the series of towns and summer houses lining the whole coast from Küçükkuyu to Ayvalık can be argued to form one large conurbation, albeit one that is somewhat spaced, low-rise, leafy, and fairly deserted in winter. However, take just one step inland, and you will quickly be amidst grooves of centuries old olive and cypress trees, and picturesque villages with traditional stone architecture dotting the hillsides—the ultimate Mediterranean landscape.

The climate is slightly cooler than the south, but it almost never snows here, neither.

The pine-covered Mt Ida (Kaz Dağları) separates this region from Southern Marmara to north.

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