Northeastern Albania

A valley in Valbona

Northeastern Albania is a region of Albania.


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This is the inland region of Albania to the north of the Shkumbin River. It borders Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia.


The native language of the region is Gheg, the northern dialect of Albanian. While the two main dialects of Albanian are mutually intelligible, but due to the fact that the official standard of Albanian was shifted from Gheg to Tosk, the southern dialect, during the rule of Enver Hoxha (1941-1985), the communist dictator of Albania and a Tosk speaker himself, some locals in Northeastern Albania may have bitter feelings about Tosk dialectso be cautious while smattering your Albanian.

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The best way to get around is by bus or van (furgon). Buses that go from Tirana to Durres cost 100 Lek for example. Inner city buses currently cost 30 Lek a trip. Some buses that leave Skanderberg Square are free with the end destination being the mall advertised on the side of the bus. Sometimes you can grab a mall bus, and get out before the mall somewhere for a free ride! Furgon's cost a little more, from 200 Lek and up if you are heading out of a major town and are used for faster transport and the more windy mountain roads that cannot accommodate a large bus. You can get almost anywhere by bus, with totally unmarked stations all over the Square area.




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