North Savonia

North Savonia (Pohjois-Savo) is a province in Finland.


In general cities in North Savonia are small - population of region's largest city, Kuopio, is around 92 000 inhabitants and the second largest city Varkaus has only 23 000 inhabitants.


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Local dialect of Finnish is Savo. Most people speak English at least satisfactory, especially young people. Also Russian and German may be understood (not widely), but don't expect people to speak or understand Finland's second language Swedish in this region.

Get in

By plane

There are 9-10 daily flights from Helsinki to Kuopio airport. The airport is located 14 km from the center. There is a bus connection from airport to the city center on weekdays(5,00€) or take a taxi (around 20€).

By train

Kuopio, Varkaus and Iisalmi have railway connections.

By bus

Buses operate to all centers of municipalities and cities.

By car

In the area where distances are long and service level of public transportation is poor, the best way to get in and get around is by own car. It is possible to rent a car from Rissala airport or Kuopio.

By boat

In summer months there are daily cruises from Savonlinna in South Savonia to Kuopio.

Get around

As public transportation is quite poor and distances long in this scarcely populated region, having your own car is really worth considering. Rent a car in Kuopio, Iisalmi or Varkaus.






Try kotikalja, non-alcoholic home-made ale, usually served in summer season but can be found in restaurants, especially in buffet, all year round.

Tap water is drinkable everywhere.

Stay safe

As in the whole Finland, it is really safe to travel in North Savonia. There are few brown bear in wilderness but you almost never see them as they give way when hear people coming. Beware of vipers in the summer. Insects, such as mosquitoes, gadflies and deer flies are irritating and their bite itchy but not dangerous. Ticks may carry borreliosis and dangerous Tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) but it is extremely rare to get a disease (there has been only one recorded case of TBE in North Savonia).

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