North Coast (São Paulo)

North Coast is a region in the state of São Paulo. It is formed by the Paraíba Valley (the Paraíba river and the mountainous area around it) and the North Coast itself. The two regions are separated by the Serra do Mar State Park (part of the Atlantic Forest South-East Reserves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site).



Campos do Jordão, a very popular destination of the region.

Other destinations

Vermelha do Sul beach in Ubatuba.


The North Coast of São Paulo is located in the far east of the state, close to the border with Rio de Janeiro, and there is hardly another part of the state with so much variety of things to do. Likely, the most popular are the beaches surrounded by the wild rainforest of the Serra do Mar State Park, but the Paraíba valley also offers beautiful XIX century historical towns, fresh-air mountain resort towns, inumerous ecotourism options, and vivid caipira cultural manifestations.

For those who come for study and business, there are also important industrial cities along the Dutra (SP-060) motorway, including the largest city of the region, São José dos Campos, Brazil's aerospace capital and one of the most important technology centers in the country.


São José do Barreiro, part of the Historical Valley Circuit.


Ecotourism and radical sports

Pedra do Baú in São Bento do Sapucaí.

Containing three mountain ranges (Serra do Mar, Serra da Mantiqueira and Serra da Bocaina), countless rivers, and secondary Atlantic rainforest, it is no wonder that radical sports and ecotourism are a strong attraction of the region.

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