Put-in-Bay is a popular vacation spot just 3 miles offshore of mainland Northwest Ohio in Lake Erie. While "Put-in-Bay" is technically a village on South Bass Island, the name commonly is used to refer to the entire island. A summer resort since the mid-1800s, the town can be considered the hub of tourism among the Lake Erie Islands, with its numerous taverns, wineries, restaurants, and hotels. Along with the festive atmosphere of downtown Put-in-Bay, there are key pieces of American history to discover here, relaxing outdoor activities, and natural splendor. This island resort community is also conveniently located near a plethora of mainland parks and attractions, including the world-renowned Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky.

Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial


The primary industry of Put-in-Bay is tourism. The tourist season runs roughly between April and October. There are approximately 500 full-time South Bass Island residents, most of whom remain on the island over the winter. Supplies and perishables are flown to the island during the winter months along with the mail, parcels and bank employees who staff the island's only bank (for one day a week) until the spring. The island has a single school that is used for all classes – grades kindergarten through 12 – and also serves the educational requirements of Middle Bass and North Bass islands.

Get in

By boat

The island is a popular destination for personal watercraft and offers both public and private marinas available to dock watercraft.

Ferries from the mainland originate from Sandusky, Port Clinton, and Catawba Island. Ferries run several times/day during the prime tourist season, daily during spring/fall as weather allows. The Jet Express and Miller Boat Line are the primary carriers, carrying cars and cargo as well as passengers. Parking on the island is very limited and vehicles are not recommended.

By plane

There is a good airport on the island (2870 x 75 feet) offering charter services:

Nearby airports with national and international commercial airline service include:

Get around

Given the small size of the island, golf carts, bicycles and mopeds are the most convenient way to get around the island and are available in several locations. Taxis and old school buses meet the Miller Boat Line ferries, which dock at the old Lime Kiln dock on the south side of the island. The taxis and buses take travelers approximately 2 miles to Put-in-Bay, past the airport, for a small fee.

Cars are permitted on island roads, though speed limits are low and parking is VERY limited. From mid-March to late-November you can get your car there from the mainland for $15 one-way on the Miller Boat Line (see listing above), located at the end of Route 53 on Catawba Island. Each person traveling with the vehicle also pays the normal fare of $7.00/person one-way. Reservations are not required even on weekends, and vehicles are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Besides cars, they also take motorcycles, trailers, RVs, and other vehicles. During heavier traffic periods, there can be restrictions on bringing your vehicle to or from Put-in-Bay.




Typical tourist bric-a-brac and t-shirt shops are plentiful here.


There are numerous eateries in the village. Many are located along Delaware & Bay View Avenues in Downtown Put-in-Bay, but others are scattered throughout the island.


There are many watering-holes in the village, many with live musical entertainment.


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