Norrbotten County

Norrbotten County, Norrbottens län, is the northernmost part of Norrland, Sweden. Bordering to Norway and Finland it covers nearly a quarter of Sweden's total area, from the tall mountains in the west, to the coast and archipelagoes in the east. It includes the province of Norrbotten and the northern part of the province of Lappland. Much of Norrbotten Country is within the Arctic Circle, meaning that Midnight Sun and Arctic Night occur.

A freight train at Torne Träsk, a lake in the very north of Sweden.


Municipalities of Norrbotten County

Norrbotten proper


Tornedalen, the valley of Torne River, is home to a Finno-Ugric community with Meänkieli as their mother tongue.

Northern Lappland

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This area is a homeland of the Sami culture.

Seasonal variations of temperature and daylight are dramatic, see winter in the Nordic countries.


Though Swedish is the everyday language, and English is well understood, the northern edge of Sweden is linguistically diverse. The Sami languages, as well as the Meänkieli at the Torne river, are Finno-Ugric; similar to the Finnish language. Also, some of the most archaic Swedish dialects, languages in their own rights, have survived in towns such as Överkalix.

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Arctic Sweden contains enormous areas of pristine nature. The Northern Lights can be seen during favourable conditions.



As Sweden's northernmost county, with the tallest mountains, winter sport is popular.

Riksgränsen is Sweden's northernmost ski resort, with snow well into June.


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