Nogliki (Russian: Но́глики NOH-glee-kee) is a city in on the island of Sakhalin in Russian Far East, roughly 2/3 up the island. The name is a canny reference to the booming oil business here as it's derived from the indigenous Nivkh word noghl-vo which means 'smelling-village'. Around 10,000 people live here, and as the intro might suggest - it's one of the main population centers for the Nivkh tribe.

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A train at Nogliki station

Both the airport and the station are located a few kilometers southwest of the main city in a suburb like area. Marshrutkys shuttle passengers there regularly for a few rubles.

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There is a central market near the local school on Shkolny Lane, where you buy fresh produce and other stuff, and the central part of Sovetskaya street are lined with shops, mainly groceries and hardware stores


Typical houses in the city

There are a number of cafes which are equally ready to serve a bite as a drink. If that is all a bit too adventurous for you, you are probably in the wrong place. But fortunately there is a restaurant inside 'Hotel Nogliki' with an English menu.




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