Nogales (Mexico)

WARNING: The United States State Department has issued a travel warning for all border areas of the United States and Mexico, and has authorized the departure of the dependents of U.S. government personnel from the U.S. consulate in Nogales Mexico. Rival narcotics gangs have increased violent activities against each other and against non-involved citizens. (March 2010)

Nogales (also Heroica Nogales) is a city of 185,000 people in Sonora on the United States-Mexico border.


Nogales border between Arizona (left) and Sonora (right).

Nogales is a divided city which is partially in Arizona.

The independent Nogales Municipality, established in 1884, was originally separated from Nogales (Arizona) by a wide, open International Street. After the 1910 Mexican Revolution, it was not uncommon for Mexican townfolk to purchase supplies from merchants in Arizona whenever items became scarce locally.

On 27 de agosto de 1918, American authorities opened fire on a Mexican civilian attempting to return to Sonora without US Customs inspection. The Mexicans, angered by years of mistreatment of their people and mistakenly believing their civilian to be lying dead on International Street in Sonora, returned fire. The Battle of Ambos Nogales raged for days as a gun battle with reinforcements brought in by both sides and multiple casualties; Nogales, Sonora mayor Felix B. Peñaloza was gunned down and killed when waving a white truce flag. The US, engaged in the Great War (World War I) at the time, claimed the Mexican armed defence was a German-backed attack on the USA - an allegation never proven. The one lasting impact of the battle was construction of the first permanent border fence to separate the US from México, right down the middle of International Street.

Nogales petitioned the Mexican Congress in 1961 to grant the title of "Heroic City", conferring the community's official name, Heroica Nogales. A monument stands on Calle Adolfo Lopez Mateos in Nogales (Sonora) in remembrance of the Mexican participants of the Battle of Ambos Nogales.

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There is no passenger train service provided in Nogales Mexico. Only commercial freight carrier cars travel the rails here and it is a major border crossing for rail traffic. Most of the train passenger routes are located near and around the capital at Mexico City.

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Not more than half a mile from the border you will find one of the best kept secrets in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. El Regis Bar located at the Regis Hotel is an iconic Nogales, Sonora drinking establishment. It is full of history any waiter will gladly explain to you the origins of the actual bar. There is also a VIP room in the back which is reserved exclusively for bullfighters, but any waiter will gladly let you in if you ask nice enough. Be sure to try the Indio beer, which is delicious.



Country Code +52 Area Code 631

Mexican and U.S. Customs are open 24 hours a day for any questions. US Customs may be reached at +1-520-287-1410.

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