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Nishapur (also Neyshābūr, Persian: نیشابور) is an ancient city in Khorasan near Mashad. It was one of the largest cities of old Persian Empire before the Mongolian attack.

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By train

There are train routes from Tehran and Mashad.

By minibuses

Several minibuses leave from Mashad to Nishapur every day.

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  Tomb of Omar Khayyam. You can see a monument, a bust, and a little museum. The museum, however, shows a few arbitrary items not connected to Omar Khayyam, and displays some text from Wikipedia (including the "clarification needed" tag). 150,000 Rials (foreigner price).

  Imamzade Mahruq. Right next to Omar Khayyam's tomb, this Imamzade actually contains two tombs, Mahruq's tomb is deeper into the complex. free.

  Tomb of Farid ad-Din Attar. Tomb and mausoleum for the important sufi poet Farid ad-Din Attar. Also here: the tomb of the important painter Kamal al-Molk. 150,000 Rials (foreigner price).


Neyshabur Turquoise has been used for more than 2000 years and for this turquoise it is sometimes called "the turquoise land". Neyshabur turquoise and jewellery made from it are sold as souvenirs in Neyshabur and Mashhad resorts.

Rhubarb (Persian rivaas or rivand), a sour vegetable, grows at the foot of the eponymous Rivand Mountains . Soft drinks made from the stems of the plant, such as "Sharbate rivaas" and "Khoshaabe rivaas" , are sold at some Nishapur resorts as souvenirs.

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