Nightlife includes bars, lounges, nightclubs, and party events.




As bars and nightclubs are frequented by younger, more globalized people, they are usually among the best places to find English-speakers. Don't expect too deep conversations late at night, though.


The revenue model of nightlife differs a lot between countries and venues. While some venues have a high cover charge (paid at entrance or at exit) others might be touted through discounts for newcomers. Some offer free entry but charge an arm and a leg for beverages.

Certain clubs sell costly membership cards, for a discount at subsequent visits.


While alcoholic beverages are the main attraction of nightclubs, each drink is usually more costly than the same drink at a restaurant.


While the nightlife scene generally grows with city size, and most megacities and capitals have some decent nightclubs, a few destinations stand out for attracting, or deserving, party tourists from around the world.



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Stay safe

Nightlife is a high-risk activity. Except drunk brawls, this is where a traveller might encounter organized crime.

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