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Nieuwpoort is a beach resort and medieval port on the Belgian sea coast in West Flanders. Nieuwpoort consists out of two centres: the old medieval centre, with small houses and cobblestone streets (also called Nieuwpoort-Stad), and the coastal centre, comparable to the neighbouring coastal cities: a sandy beach and lots of apartments (also called Nieuwpoort-Bad).


As a medieval town and important harbour, Nieuwpoort has been involved in many wars, has been raided by Vikings, and has been known as a pirate-nest in the past. In WWI, the key to stopping the German troops was found in Nieuwpoort, by opening the lock gates to the Yser river and letting the sea water flow inwards. This caused the flooding of the lower lying land, thus halting the German troops.

Get in

The coastal tram (de Kusttram in Dutch) is the easiest way to reach Nieuwpoort by public transport. The tram line runs from De Panne near the French border to Knokke near the Dutch border. One could take the train from Ghent or Bruges and transfer to the tram at De Panne, the railway and tram stations being next to each other. De Lijn operates the coastal tram.

Get around

The coastal tram also connects Nieuwpoort-bad with Nieupoort-stad. Though it's a nice walk between the two centres, along the harbour, the walk is an activity in its own respect, and isn't the fastest way to travel between the two.

Once in your preferred part, walking is the best option.








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