Newport (Kentucky)

Campbell County Courthouse, a symbol of Newport

Newport is a city on the Ohio River in Kentucky's Northern Ohio River Region or as locals call it, Northern Kentucky.

Founded in the 1790s by James Taylor, Jr., Newport is named after British Admiral Christopher Newport, who helped to found the Jamestown colony in 1607. In its early years, Newport was home to an army post, which helped to spur the town's growth. Later, it was known as a vice district, given Cincinnati's conservative nature it was a perfect nearby refuge for burlesque, gambling, and other vices. The City had a strong mafia presence for many years.

Today, it is proximity to Cincinnati that provides the spur, as Newport's hotels and riverfront area draw visitors from the Queen City. The city is quite a bit more family friendly these days with Newport on the Levee having an aquarium and many family friendly events. In spite of these changes, if you know where to look you can still find some vice.

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By plane

There are two airports close to Newport:

By car

Newport is served directly by Interstate 471, which can be reached by Interstates 71 (from Columbus and Louisville), 75 (from Dayton and Lexington), US 50 (Columbia Parkway from the eastern suburbs of Cincinnati) and 275 (the circle beltway).

One of the most beautiful panoramic views in the country occurs when driving northbound on Interstate 71/75 (the interstate routes share the same highway in part of Northern Kentucky) traveling into downtown Cincinnati, just before the Brent Spence Bridge. If you go this way get off in Covington at 4th street and cross over the Licking River to Newport where 4th St joins 5th St.

By foot

The Purple People Bridge, formerly a road and rail bridge, now a pedestrian and bicycle only bridge, is a good way to get across from Downtown Cincinnati, particularly if you can't find a parking spot in Newport and want to park in one of the less traveled parts of the Cincinnati riverfront (though with a revitalization of Cincinnati's downtown and riverfront this is getting more and more difficult). The Bridge is nicely landscaped and could make a pleasant walk on a warm evening. Its also open to cyclists.

By Bicycle

RedBike, Cincinnati's bike share program, also has some stations in Newport most notably right by Newport on the Levee so you can quickly ride your bike straight from Downtown Cincinnati or Over the Rhine to Newport in minutes via The Purple People Bridge. Sadly, its not as easy to get from nearby Covington as the bridges over the licking river are quite high and could be difficult to ride a bike over.

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By car

Newport is on a grid, so getting around by car is relatively easy. Keep in mind that the street numbers/addresses get larger as you are going south instead of north. Monmouth Street is the main commercial district and the area around Newport on the Levee its main Entertainment district.

Parking can be difficult. The Levee has a parking garage, but on weekends it can be full. It used to be free to park on the riverfront, but the restaurants in the boats on the river banded together to jack up prices to rates way above what you'd pay to park in the Levee garage, expect to pay around $6 to park there.

Finally you could try parking on the narrow city streets, but keep your eye out for any parking restrictions such as street cleaning.

By foot

Newport is very walkable. Most everything you'll need is within walking distance as the city is relatively small and compact. The pedestrian-only Newport Southbank Bridge (popularly known as the "Purple People Bridge") connects the Newport on the Levee mall with Downtown Cincinnati.

By bus


Newport's lovely aquarium


Newport previously had the reputation of being where to go to find strippers, due to revitalization, most of these places have closed down. In its place is a rich nightlife, and many family-oriented destinations and events, though if you look hard enough there still are a few gentlemen's clubs here and there.









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