Newark Liberty International Airport

Planes at Terminal C with Manhattan's skyline in the background

Newark Liberty International Airport, 1-800-EWR-INFO, (IATA: EWR), is located to the west of New York City in Newark and Elizabeth, New Jersey.


Before 9/11, the airport was simply called "Newark International Airport". The word "liberty" was added to the airport's name after 9/11 to honor the victims, as one of the four hijacked planes that day, United Airlines Flight 93, took off from this airport. Additionally, the word "liberty" is also an reference to the Statue of Liberty not very far from the airport.

Terminal A, especially the small section that serves American Airlines and Virgin America has insufficient security capacity at peak times, most notably Monday afternoons. You should plan to arrive at least 2 hours before your flight during these periods.


The airport has three sprawling terminals, labeled A, B, and C, arranged in a semicircle around a central roadway. Terminal C is the home of United Airlines' major East Coast hub. As a rule of thumb, most international airlines use Terminal B while most domestic airlines use Terminal A.

Note 1: Flights arriving from Santiango, Dominican Republic will arrive in Terminal B.

Note 2: Check your departure or arrival terminal. United Express flights can either depart from or arrive at Terminals A or B.

Note 3: This flight will resume service in September 1, 2016.

Ground transportation

Map of the airport

By bus

By train

By taxi

By van and private car service

To and from Newark

AirTrain Newark shuttles between the airport's parking facilities, three terminals, and train station, where frequent New Jersey Transit (NJT) service is a ten minute ride to downtown. NJT bus #62 and the limited stop GoBus 28 also both travel to downtown, the latter with continuing service to North Newark.

Taxi service is based on a flat-fee determined by destination and paid before the trip begins.

Get around

The automated Airtrain Newark monorail system travels frequently (every 3-5 minutes) between the three terminals, as well as some of the parking areas and, as mentioned above, the Newark Airport rail station. It is located pre-security, however, so plan extra time if you need to use it for a connecting flight. United operates a post-security shuttle service between terminals A & C, but only for passengers connecting on United-branded flights. Remember that there is a fee for exiting the AirTrain and going onto an Amtrak or NJ Transit train after. However, this is usually included in your ticket.


If you want to get some good views of airplanes, ride the AirTrain around. It may even be worth it to explore other terminals.

Several lounges are scattered throughout the terminals in the airport.

Eat and Drink

Each terminal has plenty of restaurant options both pre- and post-security.


There is WiFi in the airport, but it expires after 30 minutes. You must pay if you don't want to rejoin the network every 30 minutes.


There are many other hotels scattered around the airport, with room rates starting at around $50/night for very basic accommodation up to $300-$400 for high-end business traveller-oriented hotels. Almost all hotels within a 5-mile radius will provide a shuttle service to and from the airport, but call the hotel beforehand just to be sure.

Stay safe

The area to the west of the airport, Newark's South Ward, is a slum and should be avoided. The parking lots in the airport are usually patrolled at all times. so you should be secure there. The airport can be used by homeless people in Newark as a shelter. Please make sure you hold tight on to your belongings to be on the safe side.


New York City is the obvious main attraction, but to be on the safe side, allow two hours (one hour each way) to get to and from New York Penn Station by train.

Routes through Newark Liberty International Airport

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