New Brunswick (New Jersey)

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New Brunswick is a city in Middlesex County, New Jersey. It's the home of Rutgers University.

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New Brunswick can be accessed by Interstate 287 Exit 10 (Easton Ave, New Brunswick), Exit 9 off of NJ Turnpike/I-95, U.S. Route 1, NJ Route 18, Livingston Ave, and Route 27 by way of Highland Park, across the Raritan River.

By foot or bicycle

Rutgers Little Theater

From Highland Park, several of the bridges across the Raritan River are open to pedestrians and cyclists. The river is rather broad but easily walkable for healthy individuals. One can also come in from the south by way of Millstone (New Jersey) from East Brunswick or up Ryders Lane in East Brunswick, or by walking down the sidewalks of Easton Avenue from the west. (Note: Approaches from the south and west can get pretty hilly.)

Get around

Buses (and bicycles) are the most effective means of traversing throughout New Brunswick. NJ Transit travels throughout the city. Rutgers University has buses that travel all around the campus, and you don't have to be a student to utilize them. Taxis are also prevalent (but relatively expensive), and the size of the town is such that walking is not out of the question.

Driving is also possible but parking is difficult to find in the downtown area and expensive. Most on-street parking in the downtown area is 2-hour only Monday-Friday, and parking garages tend to run about $1.50-$2 per hour. On-street regulations are suspended on the weekend but most spots are taken by residents. Some garages, such as the Lower Church Street garage, are free on Saturdays if you park before 5PM.

Traffic gets unbelievably stuck up after football games and Rutgersfest, with cars and buses often coming to a standstill on Route 18 and in neighboring Piscataway, as well as in downtown New Brunswick. So give yourself extra time on those occasions. Route 18 may also become jammed between the hours of 4 and 6PM, due to rush hour traffic.


Wood Lawn


George Street Playhouse

There are several pleasant parks within the city limits.

Concerts and theatrical performances take place at several venues including the George Street Playhouse in the center of town.

New Brunswick also has a thriving underground music scene with small DIY shows happening in basements, homes, galleries and other unexpected locations. These shows are often very secretive, and their locations aren't advertised, but instead spread via word of mouth.

There are also clubs, including:

Rutgers University has Division I NCAA teams in several sports, including football and basketball. Attend a match.


Antiques, five-and-dime stuff, clothing, old books, etc., can be found in the George St. district. Rutgers-branded merchandise is sold in many shops on Easton Ave.


New Brunswick is home to several 4-star restaurants and, typical of a college town, it has dozens of options for casual dining. Most of the upscale dining is clustered in the downtown section around George St, all within easy walking distance of the train station. Most of the college-oriented restaurants are focused on Easton Avenue, also within easy walking distance of the station (albeit uphill), although there are some downtown as well.


Since New Brunswick is a college town, you can't walk far without bumping into a few bars. There are two main bar areas in New Brunswick. Easton Ave. is mostly a college-age crowd, while George St. caters to young professionals and a somewhat older crowd. There are other bars scattered about New Brunswick that cater to a non-college clientele.


Stay Safe

The Rutgers College campus, located in the City of New Brunswick, is generally safe for visitors and students. The Rutgers University Police or RUPD is a very noticeable presence in the city. If you have trouble, approach one of the officers (made clear by their red uniforms) and they'll be more than happy to help you. However, like most college cities, New Brunswick has its share of social problems. Homeless beggars hang out on George Street and near Rutgers bus stops, and will ask for money. Accept it as a by-product of a college town, which attracts visitors and money. However, the homeless are not aggressive and will leave you alone if you say "no." The most common crime is theft. Keep your belongings close to you, especially wallets, phones, and iPods.

Also, keep in mind that while some areas of New Brunswick are safe during the day, certain neighborhoods are dodgy and unsafe at night. Don't wander around alone at night, especially beyond Samson Street and frat row. Certain streets near Rockoff Hall should also be avoided late at night. Muggings do occur, mostly after midnight, and both males and females should travel in a group to stay safe.

On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, drunken behavior is rampant. If aggressively confronted in a bar or on the streets, simply walk away.


New Brunswick Main Post Office

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