Neumünster is the fourth largest city in Schleswig-Holstein with a population of approx. 77.000. It is located in the center of Schleswig-Holstein, 40 km south of Kiel and 60 km north of Hamburg.


The name Neumünster is derived from the latin "novam monasterium" (new monastery). Founded in 1127 as a monastery the city grew rapidly in the second half of the 19th century as a centre of industry (iron works, leather and textile industry, rail service workshops). Today the city's economy is based on a modern mix of industries. Approximately 40 percent of the city were destroyed by allied bombings in World War II so there is no historic district today.

Since the 19th century Neumünster is an important hub for street and rail traffic in Schleswig-Holstein.

Get in

By car

Neumünster is connected via four exits to the Autobahn A7 (Hamburg-Flensburg) and via highways B430 and B205 as well by smaller roads to other cities in Schleswig-Holstein. For visiting events in "Holstenhalle" use the exit Neumünster-Nord to avoid driving through the city.

By train

The city is a main railroad hub for Deutsche Bahn AG, Nordbahn, AKN and Schleswig-Holstein-Bahn.

Lübeck is connected by train only via Bad Oldesloe by Nordbahn trains.

Caution: Neumünster has three railway stations - Hauptbahnhof (central station), Südbahnhof (southern station) and Neumünster-Stadtwald. All train services serve Hauptbahnhof. AKN and Nordbahn are serving Südbahnhof, too. SHB serves Neumünster-Stadtwald, too. (For all AKN, SHB and Nordbahn trains Hauptbahnhof is the final destination.) When you have to change trains from AKN, Nordbahn or SHB to another train service make sure that you do not leave your train too early at Südbahnhof or Neumünster-Stadtwald!

By plane

Hamburg airport is the nearest public airport and is connected to Neumünster by a special motor coach (Kielius) operated hourly by Autokraft. There is a reduced price for return tickets. Tickets have to be bought by the driver. (Caution: they do not accept credit cards!)

The remainders of a World War II air force base are used as a private airport for small private planes and helicopters.

Lübeck airport can be reached by train via Lübeck main station.

By bus

Get around

By bus within the city and to some suburbian villages. Bus services usually end at about 20:00 hrs. The city and the surrounding landscape is very flat and convenient for bicyclists. Taxi is good but expensive.


Neumünster Rathaus


A local monthly magazine (Treffpunkt Neumünster) is available in print and online.




Neumünster is an important shopping centre for the whole region. Besides a lot of shops in the inner city there is a shopping mall in the west (Freesencenter) and a big factory outlet centre in the south. Weekly markets on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at "Grossflecken" in the inner city.


A lot of restaurants of all styles and price levels are available.


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