Nawabshah is a major city of Sindh situated in Northern Sindh.

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By train

Nawabshah is served by Nawabshah railway station and has railway connections with almost all the major Pakistani cities and towns. Many of the trains both air-conditioned and non air-conditioned travelling between Southern city of Karachi and Punjab make brief stop at Nawabshah railway station. Tezgam or Shalimar Express are best preferred for travellers from Karachi or Punjab; while Khyber Mail for travellers from the north-western city of Peshawar.

Sukkur Express is the only regional train of Sindh and is air-conditioned as well, and travels trough many major cities and towns of Sindh from south to north.

Get around

One can go to different parts of the city by self driven cars, private taxis as well rickshaws both shared motorcycle type rickshaws as well typical rickshaws. Within Nawabshah, rickshaws of both types provide cheap and quick transportation for going from one place to another or for city tour and are perfectly fine. Taxis are generally private cars and operated by taxi companies and can be easily hailed only from the taxi stands as distinguishing between a taxi and a private car may be difficult. You can ask at a hotels to arrange a taxi as well. These taxis are usually air-conditioned, modern and clean fleet which makes them the most comfortable, luxurious way to navigate around the city of Nawabshah especially in the blistering hot weather of Summer.


There are many basic restaurants scattered throughout the city of Nawabshah, mostly serving Pakistani food as well plenty of Bar B Q serving restaurants on the Sarkand Rd.


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