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Navarre is a region in Northern Spain bordered by France, the Basque Country, Aragon, and La Rioja.


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Monasteria de la Oliva, Carcastillo, Navarre


The regions of Navarre



Both Spanish and Basque (Español and Euskera) are official languages in Navarra. Spanish is more widespread than Basque in Navarra, and everybody can speak Spanish in this land, but Basque is also spoken by a wide part of the population, especially in the north of Navarra and Pamplona, as a native language.

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By plane

Pamplona has an airport that connects it with Madrid and Barcelona by regular flights. There are also connections with some other cities like Lisbon.

By train

Pamplona has quite good railway system, although high speed trains won't be working until 2012, it has several trains every day to Madrid (3h), Barcelona (4h), Zaragoza (2h) and so on.


Navarra has a very good reputation for its food and restaurants sharing it mostly with the Basque cook. These are some of the most typical products of Navarre:

Sparragus eaten with mayonnaise.

Alcachofas vegetable typical from Tudela.

Piquillo peppers in the village of Lodosa, really tasty!

Txistorra/Chistorra is a kind of red sausage (made with pork), delicious.


Patxaran is the most typical alcoholic drink of Navarra. It's distilled from blackthorns and it has an intense red colour. It has approximately 30% alcohol.

Wines are also very famous in this region producing wines with Rioja label, and also with their own certification label (D.O. Navarra).

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