Hermann Castle

Narva is Estonia's easternmost city, with about 70,000 inhabitants.


Due to the heavy damage of the Second World War, Narva had to be almost completely rebuilt. This is why the city is dominated by Soviet architecture today. Narva's "modern" Town Hall, for example, is a prime example of typical Soviet architecture.

Over 90% of the current population are Russian-speakers, mostly either Soviet-era immigrants from parts of the former Soviet Union and their descendants.

There’s plenty to do in Narva, concerts, annual festivals and open-air shows that take place both in the inner yard of the Narva Castle and elsewhere in the town, such as in the newly-built ice skating stadium.

Get in

By train

Edelaraudtee AS runs a daily train from Tallinn, departure time is 16:00 and it arrives at 19:30. Also, the daily over-night train between Moscow and Tallinn train operated by GoRail makes a stop-over here, journey time from Moscow is 11½ hours. Departure time from Moskva Leningradsky station is 18:05, from Tallinn 17:20.

The train station's address is Vaksali 23B, just southeast of city centre.

By bus

A trip from Tallinn or Tartu to Narva takes three hours and costs around €10.

Get around


The town hall
Worker's living quarters at Kreenholmi



Russian is spoken and understood by virtually everyone. If you are able to speak the Russian language, you will be fine. Estonian is spoken as the second language mainly by the younger generation (as learning Estonian at schools became compulsory after Estonia declared independence in 1991). Older people are likely to have zero knowledge of Estonian. English is spoken (or at least understood) by younger people, but the degree of proficiency may vary greatly. Street signs are Estonian-only or in Estonian and English.


There are a few shopping centres along Tallinn street.




For more expensive dining options, consider the restaurants in the hotels in the sleep section.





Stay safe

As in any other Russian majority town, take extreme care if you're dark-skinned. Avoid non-touristic places, bars and pubs at all, especially at night as skin-heads are known to be violent.

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