Narcondam Island

Narcondam Island is part of the Indian territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.


The Narcondam Hornbill

Narcondam is a small volcanic island in the Andaman group of islands. It is 710 m high above sea level at the highest point. The island has an area of 7


Narcondam is classified as an active volcano. The Indian Coast Guard is building a huge coastal surveillance radar facility at the island. This project was delayed for a long time because it was considered harmful to the local horn bill population.


The Narcondam Hornbill is endemic to the island. It is an endangered species. There is a separate Wildlife sanctuary in the island to protect the horn-bill.


Narcondam is known as a diving destination. There are rocky ridges and steep slopes like chimneys useful for diving. The islands offer gently sloping terrain populated with fields of hard corals and colorful reef fish.

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