Naran is a popular tourist resort in the Kaghan Valley of Pakistan. There is a most beautiful and enchanting lake by the name of Saif-ul-Malook which is almost 9 km away from Naran. It can be reached by a Jeep in 1 hour. Naran is a very nice place for trekking.


there are fascinating stories about the mount, fairies, love narrated by the localites. The lake is has crystal clear water and a beautiful flows to supply the drinking and farming water for the local area. The lake Saif ul Maluk named after a fairy tale prince who fell in love with a fairy while visiting this place. the whole story with different version is narrated in a beautiful artistic way by the local story tellers The access to the lake is by jeep, horses and walking tracks from the Naran. Road passes through Glaciers and corkscrew turns. the excitement is immense. Some like to visit the surrounding beautiful lakes. The Kaghan Naran valleys are among the most beautiful valleys of the world.

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