Nara (prefecture)

Nara prefecture (奈良県 Nara-ken) is in the western Kansai region of the main Japanese island Honshu.


Nara has a creditable claim to be the home of Japan's Imperial family, and the prefecture houses no fewer than three ancient capitals: Asuka (538-694), Fujiwara (694-710) and Nara (710-784). The plain around Nara is scattered with grand temples and imperial burial sites known as kofun.


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Ishibutai Burial Mound in Asuka

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By train

Nara Prefecture is accessible by both JR Railways and Kintetsu Railways.

From Osaka take the e JR Yamatoji Line Local towards Nara. It takes 50-60 minutes. If you are near Tsuruhashi Station, it's cheaper to take the Kintetsu Line to Kintetsu Nara Station. From Kyoto, the difference between Kintetsu and JR is not so great, but JR is generally slightly faster while Kintetsu is cheaper. Kintetsu has some direct trains, but in general a transfer is required at Yamato-Saidaiji Station for Nara City.

Outside the capital, Kintetsu Railways provides much greater access to the prefecture than JR. Many places, such as Yoshino, Asuka, and Sakurai are only accessible via Kintetsu Railway.

Kintetsu Railway is also the best way to get into Nara Prefecture from Wakayama Prefecture and Mie Prefecture.


Tanzan Shrine, Sakurai

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