Position in Fujian province

Nanping (南平; Nánpíng) is an inland city in Fujian, up the Min River from Fuzhou.


Wuyishan: Climb up this mountain and enjoy the view from the top. It is worth it! It takes about an hour to reach the top and half an hour to come down.

Enjoy the scenic bamboo raft ride down the river. You get to see huge rocks of different shapes and sizes - some of which resemble people or animals. You will also get to see some "hanging coffins" - coffins, believed to be more than 2000 years old, placed inside large cracks in some of the gigantic rocks. These cracks are about 20-40 metres above the river. Nobody knows how the coffins got there. The ride takes about one and a half hours. Each raft comes with two rowers and can take six passengers.

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