Nakhodka Harbor

Nakhodka (Russian: Нахо́дка, nah-KHOHT-kuh) is a port city in Primorsky Krai and stands for nothing less than 'discovery' in Russian. In recent years, Russia designated the city a "free economic zone," a variation on China's very successful Special Economic Zones, which could potentially attract large-scale foreign investment. It is location of the port Vostochniy, the largest stividor in Russian Far East, and an oil-terminal for Sakhalin projects.

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By train

Direct trains come from Khabarovsk every other day in cold season. In hot season they arrive daily. Don't be confused if the destination in your ticket would be read as 'Tikho'okeanskaya' (Тихоокеанская) because it's the main railway station. The station 'Nakhodka' is up north and serves commuter purposes mostly. Elektrichkas bound for Vladivostok and Partizansk depart 3 times a day: in the morning, at midday and in the evening.

Tikho'okeanskaya Railway station, a gate to the city

By plane

From the airport "Knevichi" at the town Artyom north of Vladivostok one can order a taxi for 2000-2500 roubles per trip that takes 3 hours. Public buses leave Artom's bus stop at the right hand of the airport square.

By bus

Bus station is located in the city's center near the railway station Barkhatnaya (Бархатная). Taking a bus to the capital Vladivostok is possible every 40 min. and the time of travel lasts 4 hours. Bus #601 (Nakhodka-Ussuriysk) with a stop in Artyom goes three times a day.

Get around

Sorrowful Mother memorial

The city's outspread along the harbor for more than 40km. The central street is Nakhodkinsky Prospekt that goes along the shoreline. Common public transport in Nakhodka is taxi and public buses. Taxi prices usually are divisioned for a period of time: 15 min, 30 min, 1hour (200RUB).




Nakhodka is amongst the most frequented cities in Russian Far East and there is over 40 hotels and more is under construction. One can pick a hotel in the city or get out to rest at the numerous bases along the sea.

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