Naju is a city in South Jeolla, South Korea.


Location of Naju in South Korea

Naju is the capital city of Naju county.

Get in

You can get in by bus, train or plane.

By bus

There are several daily express buses from Seoul. The trip takes about 4 hours. From Gwangju, the express buses run every 30 minutes or so and lasts 45 minutes. You can also take various city buses, like the 180 that runs every 5-10 minutes and several of the 160 routes go to Naju as well.

By train

By train, the fastest route is the KTX. From Seoul it takes just under 3 hours. You can also take a slower, cheaper train. There are over a dozen leaving from Seoul every day. Almost all trains that go on to Mokpo will make a stop in Naju.

By plane

Gwangju has the nearest airport. From there you can catch the 180. Or a taxi from Gwangju will cost you between ₩25,000 to ₩50,000 (depending on the time of day and your haggling skills).

Get around

Taxis are really cheap. You can get anywhere in Naju for under ₩7,000 won. Or you can take the 160 bus for ₩1,000 won. It goes to all points of interest across Naju.



If you want to get a driver's licence in South Jeolla, you have to do it in Naju (specifically in Yeongsanpo).


Every five days, the five day market rolls into Naju. Haggle with the old women for their fruits, vegetables, and various unrecognizable seafoods.


Naju is known across the country for its pear called the Naju pear. It's very large with the consistency of an apple and the taste of a pear. Very refreshing in the summer. Yeongsanpo, an area of Naju, is famous for its fermented skate fish. Try it at your own risk.



There are tons of love motels in every area of Naju. Some are less sketchy than others.

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