Nagykanizsa (Croatian: Velika Kaniža, German: Großkirchen, Großkanizsa, Turkish: Kanije) is a city in Hungary in the centre of the Somogy-Zala hills lying between the western corner of the Lake Balaton and the Croatian and Slovenian border. At the same time this pulsing border town with its 55.000 inhabitants is the centre of the South-Western Transdanudian region. This also the traditional transitplace of the trade and tourism heading for or arriving from the Adriatic and Italian harbours.

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- Long distance buses: Ajka (six per day, two hours), Alsópáhok (hourly more), Aszófő (eight), Ábrahámhegy (seven), Badacsony (ten per day, one and half hours), Szigliget (six per day, one and half hours), Bak (ten), Balatonakali (six), Balatonalmádi (three), Balatonboglár (three per day, cca. one and half hours), Balatonederics (ten), Balatonfüred (six+), Balatonfüzfő (two), Balatongyörök (hourly), Balatonlelle (three), Balatonmáriafürdő (three), Balatonrendes (six+), Balatonszentgyörgy (hourly), Balatonszepezd (six), Balatonudvari (six), Bánokszentgyörgy (hourly), Becehegy (hourly), Becsehely (hourly), Bikal (daily), Bocska (four), Bonyhád (two), Böhönye (hourly), Budapest (hourly), Celldömölk (daily), Cserszegtomaj (six), Csesztreg (six+), Csopak six), Csörnyeföld (four), Csurgó (four), Devecser (six), Dióskál (six), Dobogómajor (five), Dunaföldvár, Egeraracsa (five), Egervár (three), Esztergályhorváti (six), Fakospuszta (five), Felsőbáránd major (hourly), Felsőpáhok (hourly), Fenékpuszta (four), Fonyód (three), Galambok (hourly), Garabonc (five), Gellénháza (hourly), Gelse (three), Gyenesdiás (half hourly), Győr (four), Hagyárosbörönd (three), Hahót (hourly), Hegyesd (four), Herend (two), Hévíz (every twenty minutes), Inke (three), Kapolcs (four), Kaposvár (hourly), Karmacs (hourly), Káld (two), Kálócfa (three), Kám (daily), Káptalanfa (three), Kecskemét (daily), Kehidakustyány (five), Kemendollár (hourly), Kerkabarabás (three), Kerkeszentkirály (three), Keszthely (every twenty minutes), Kéthely (hourly), Kópháza (three), Kozmadombja (three), Körmend (six), Kőszeg (three), Lenti (half hourly), Lesenceistvánd (five), Lesencetomaj (five), Letenye (hourly), Lispeszentadorján (three), Lovászi (four), Lövő (three), Magyarszerdahely (three), Magyarszentmiklós (five), Marcali (hourly), Máriahegy (four), Meggyeserdő, (three), Mélykút (three), Mihályfa (hourly), Mikekarácsonyfa (three), Misefa (three), Monostorapáti (four), Mór (daily), Mórahalom (three), Nagyatád (four), Nagybajom (three), Nagycenk (three), Nagygörbő (four), Nagyhorváti (three), Nagykapornak (hourly), Nagylengyel (five), Nagyrada (five), Nagyvázsony (four), Nemeshany (three), Nemesnép (three), Nemesrádó (four), Nikla (three), Noszlop (four), Nyírád (five), Nyírlak (four), Óhid (four), Oroszlány (two), Öriszentpéter (three), Pacsa (hourly), Pakod (six), Paloznak (two), Páka (five), Pápa (four), Pertikeresztúr (five), Pécs (hourly), Pogányszentpéter (five), Rezi (daily), Révfülöp (five), Salomvár (three), Sárhida (five), Sármellék (five), Sárvár (three), Siófok (two), Somogyvár (two), Sopron (three), Söjtör (three), Sümeg (hourly), Szabadbattyán (two), Szajk Lakes (daily), Szeged (two), Szekszárd (daily), Szentgyörgyvár (hourly), Szentgyörgyvölgy (three), Szentliszló (three), Szentpéterúr (three), Székesfehérvár (five), Szigetvár (five), Szigliget (hourly), Szombathely (hourly), Tapolca (hourly), Tatabánya (three), Tornyiszentmiklós (four), Tótszentmárton (three), Tótvázsonyi (four), Törekpuszta (five), Türje (five), Vasvár (three), Várpalota (three), Várvölgy (four), Velemér (two), Veszprém (hourly), Vindornyafok (four), Vonyarcvashegy (half hourly), Zalaapáti (half hourly), Zalabaksa (five), Zalabér (half hourly), Zalacsány (half hourly), Zalacséb (three), Zalaegerszeg (three per hour!), Zalahaláp (three), Zalakaros (hourly), Zalakomár (three), Zalalövő (hourly), Zalaszabar (hourly), Zalaszántó (three), Zalaszentbalázs (hourly), Zalaszentgrót (half hourly), Zalaszentgrót / Aranyod (five), Zalaszentgyörgy (three), Zalaszentiván (eight), Zalaszentlászló (three), Zalaszentmárton (three), Zalaszentmihály (five), Zalatárnok (three), Zalaudvarnok (three), Zalavár (four), Zamárdi (two), Zágorhida (three), Zánka (seven).

- All settlments of Zala and almost all Somogy County have daily bus connection with Nagykanizsa. (up to per day bus lines), in school season and on weekdays are more bus, except resort place (around Lake Balaton, and Termal Bath Town such as Hévíz, Zalakaros, Kehidakustány) where opposite way weekends, holidays are the most busy times in the bus transportation.

- Trains from Budapest via Székesfehérvár, Siófok, Balatonlelle, Fonyód moving on the South Coast of the Lake Balaton. To Keszthely or Tapolca first must to take an eastbound train to Balatonszentgyörgy (41km) and there need to change for an other one. Toward west there are direct international trains via Murakeresztúr to Ljubljana and via Gyékényes to Zagreb. To North Szombathely (102km) via Zalaszentlőrinc (57km away, which is junction point to Zalaegerszeg plus 25km), To Sopron and Kőszeg must to change at Szombathely. Toward South: to Pécs (148 km) via Szigetvár (114 km) four-six per day.

- Services: e-ticket collecting point, ticket machine, lifts for disabled, bus connection, disabled lavatory

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City Public Transport map.


Fő utca (Main street)

Includes: Deák tér (Deák Square). - List made based on growing house number

Sacred Heart church

Erzsébet tér (Erzsébet Square)

Town Hall

Sugár út

Ady Endre Road

MAORT (lit. Hungarian-American Oil Co.) Housing Estate

Csengery út

Király utca


Franciscan church of Alsóváros
Former Duke Joseph barracks
Kiskanizsa Church

Further afield


In the town you can find a 20 m long covered swimming pool with saunas and solariums, several shops, supermarkets, shopping centres, theatre and concert hall, discos and night clubs. In the suburb there are possibilities for riding horses, wellness services and medical bath in Zalakaros, at the weekends organized cycling tours and hikes.

The water of the 15 km far, European famous Zalakaros spa bath (open all year) is allegedly effective in curing problems of arthritis, women's diseases, disorders of the nervous system and gum's inflammation. The 2-3 week long bath cure is supposed to be excellent for regaining your energies in case of tiredness or exhaustion.

There are famous hunting areas, thermal baths, and healthcare centres to provide people with fantastic opportunities to spend free time actively. The artificial boating lake on the eastern edge of the town is an ideal spot for hikers, fishing and water sport enthusiasts.

There is a large number of sport facilities in town for tourists and residents. There is a swimming pool, a city pool, various sport halls, sport pitches and courses not only for footballers, tennis players, and fencers but even for baseball and motocross fans as well.











Nagykanizsa postal code is: H-8800. Area Phone code: 93

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