Nagoya (Indonesia)

For the city in Japan, see Nagoya.

Nagoya, also known as Lubuk Baja, is the main town of Batam, Indonesia.


Nagoya is the main town of Batam. It is located on Batam Island's northern peninsula. The local government would like Batam Center to become the center to governmental offices, business and commerce. However, private enterprise has voted for Nagoya. Nagoya is the city center where you can find most hotels, food or entertainment.

It is important to not confuse this city with Nagoya, Japan - they are different places in different areas of the world.

Get in

By boat

The closest ferry terminal is at Harbour Bay (Jodoh), a short drive from central Nagoya, with frequent services on Berlian/Wavemaster from Singapore's HarbourFront terminal. Visa on arrival is available. The old ferry terminal at Batu Ampar is now closed.

By car

Nagoya is well linked by road. During peak traffic periods, it takes about an hour to drive from Nagoya to Batam's furthest places, such as Tanjung Uncang or Nongsapuri.

Get around

Taxi to Sekupang costs Rp 12.000 per person if you are sharing, Rp 40.000 if chartered. Going to Harbourbay ferry terminal is about Rp 15.000.


Nagoya Hill is the biggest mall in Batam and is home to the Matahari department store. You can catch a movie at the Studio 21 cineplex here for Rp 25.000.

Batam City Square (BCS) is one of the more crowded malls in Batam. You can catch a movie there for Rp.20.000,-. The mall also has karaoke, lounge, Timezone arcade, bowling and slot machines.

Temple of Da Bo Gong (大伯公廟) is located between Nagoya Hill and BCS. You can see a lot of sculptures of gods and goddesses.

Wihara Budhi Bhakti - Located at Jl Pembangunan Windsor.

Baitussyakur Mosque - Located at Jl Imam Bonjol, near to Hotel Harmoni.

Ocarina is the newly developed theme park. They have a beach, mini theme park, and a new water park. You can also see Shio sculptures along the way. It is about 15 minutes from Batam Centre harbour.


Do what all seem to do: hang out at Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall.


For clothing check out Batam City Square / Nagoya Hill Mall. Sporting equipment is dominated by golf equipment, which can be found in a large sporting store in Nagoya. Tourist from Singapore love to shop for local products from Hypermart in Nagoya Hill Mall and Mega Mall. Some favorite grabs includes LAYERS /LAMOIST BATAM Style kue lapis, keropok gonggong (crackers), Indomie (local instant noodles), and cheap tidbits. Some local shops usually accept Singapore Dollars, because of Batam being very close to Singapore geographically. In any case you need extra cash to shop, you can still exchange your currency at the local money changers which offer competitive rates, or you may use a credit card.



Nagoya has many outdoor food courts called pujasera, akin to Singapore's hawker centres.

There's a variety of local food stalls located on the left side of Nagoya Hill entrance where you can find sate, ayam panggang and ikan bakar.


"Food Street" at Nagoya Hill

If you'd like local food with air-con and perhaps a little more hygiene, head to the food court in any shopping mall. Nagoya Hill's Food Street, in particular, is large, cheap, tasty and always packed.


You can find excellent Western food in downtown Nagoya Entertainment District outlets, such as Red Cock, Bistro and Lucy's Oarhouse.


The Nagoya Entertainment District is Batam's most notorious den of sleazy nightlife.


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