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Nagakute is an area in the eastern part of Nagoya city (Meito ward) in Aichi prefecture, Japan. Nagakute is the town where the “Komaki-Nagakute Battle” took place in 1584 (Tensho 12) between Hideyoshi Hashiba and Ieyasu Tokugawa. There remain many historical sites and both tangible and intangible cultural assets relating to the battle. This town of about 50,000 population on the east side of Nagoya is a very nice place to live, with its comfortable residential environment. In 2005 (Heisei 17), The World Expo Aichi 2005 was held, with Nagakute as the main venue; the name “Nagakute” became well known.

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First travel to Fujigaoka which is about 65 minutes from the airport and costs 1400yen per person. Using the Higashiyama (yellow) subway line, Fujigaoka is 26 minutes from Nagoya Station and 21 minutes from Sakae, Nagoya's main shopping area. Nagakute town, just a 15 minute linear motor car (Linimo) train ride from Fujigaoka station.

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Nagakute has the first publicly used mag lev train, the Linimo, which can be boarded at the Fujigaoka station and runs past the old Expo site. The Banpaku Kinen Kouen (万博記念公園) is a stop on the Linimo, and the ride offers a slightly elevated view of Nagakute. Outside of the Hanamizuki-Dori station (花水木通駅) across route 6 is Benkei, a relatively famous a la carte style bakery with everything from pastries, to loaves of bread with chocolate in the middle. Further up the Linimo line between Hanamizuki-dori and the Expo site, you can see the Toyota car museum to the north out of the window.


Toyota Automobile Museum
Iroganeyama Historical park

Nagakute is known for being the site of the 2005 World Expo. The Expo site is currently a large park area, having been returned almost entirely to the natural state that existed before the Expo in agreement to the "nature" theme of the Expo.


In Nagakute town you can tour the Toyota Car museum, see a historical recreation of a Meiji era battle or go to a "supersento" multi-story public bath complex. The Fujiura temple about half a mile from Hanamizuki-dori station off the linimo is a beautiful temple with a long and steep stairway going up the facade. It is protected by the Japanese government and one of Japan's former emperors is enshrined there.

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The Linimo line actually bisects Nagakute horizontally. Fujigaoka station is actually just west of the Nagakute town border, and the east end of the Linimo is just east of the east border of Nagakute.

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