Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach's rapidly growing skyline

Myrtle Beach is a major tourist destination and the central focus of the Grand Strand coast of South Carolina. It is widely known for its wide beaches, numerous golf courses, seafood restaurants, and outlet-style shopping, as well as one of the highest concentrations of miniature golf courses you'll find anywhere. A popular spring break destination, Myrtle Beach is heavily developed and crowded, in contrast to other Southern beaches, such as the Outer Banks in North Carolina, and attracts a lot of tourists from other Southern states or "Snowbirds" from the North, who may own a condominium or timeshare along the coast.

Get in

By plane

Myrtle Beach International Airport (IATA: MYR), 1100 Jetport Road. Myrtle Beach International is a work in progress as expansion plans are underway. Most guests arriving from either the west coast or overseas fly into a major hub, such as Atlanta, before connecting to their final destination in Myrtle Beach.

The busiest routes from MYR are to Atlanta (Delta) and Charlotte (American), with several flights each day. Spirit Airlines offers regular flights to New York (LaGuardia) and Boston, among other destinations. American Airlines and United Airlines each have one daily flight to their hubs in Dallas and Newark respectively.

Grand Strand Regional Airport in North Myrtle Beach also serves the area and is used mostly by private or chartered flights.

By car

Myrtle Beach sits at the intersection of US 17, which runs along the coast of the Carolinas, and US 501, which travels inland. From Interstate 95 South, take US 501 south for 66 miles.

By train

There is no direct rail service to Myrtle Beach. The closest passenger stations are in Dillon, North Charleston, Florence and Kingstree, which are served by Amtrak's Silver Service and Palmetto trains.

Florence, SC is the closest station but it is located approximately seventy miles away from Myrtle Beach, so the best option is to pre-arrange a limousine, or a shuttle or bus service for the final hour or two ride to the beach.

Get around

By car

One aspect of Myrtle Beach that is less-than hospitable are its roads. A tourist may find the style of driving in Myrtle Beach to be aggressive, reckless and hard to manage. Myrtle Beach has one of the highest accident rates in the state, due in part to its impatient drivers and oddly-placed roads.

If you must drive, plan ahead - if you are going a short distance (under five miles), then take one of the main roads that runs adjacent to the beach. If you are going a longer distance, try and take one of the interstate roads that branches further out - these are generally clear of traffic, and thus are much more bearable than the city roads.

There are several car rental companies located in Myrtle Beach, including Alamo Rent-a-Car, National Car Rental, Avis Rent-a-Car, and Budget Car Rental.

By bus

Coast RTA is the bus system for the Myrtle Beach area. Routes run along major thoroughfares and to and from neighboring towns. Service hours are quite limited. Schedules are available at all Myrtle Beach Area Conventions and Visitors Bureau offices. Fares are $1.50 adults, $1.25 students, $0.75 children.

Another alternative for those without cars are charter buses. Coach buses are cost-effective for large groups of people who want to relax and enjoy personal service, and travel locally as well as out of state. Reservations for charter buses are best made a few weeks in advance and prices are determined by the location of the destination.

By taxi

There are several private cab services in the area which can run up to $50 for a trip across the Grand Strand. The rate is $2.80 a mile $1 for extra passenger, rates are set by the City of Myrtle Beach.

Serving all of the Myrtle Beach area is Yellow Checker Cab Taxi, +1 843 606-1000, and Ocean Checker Taxi Cab, +1 843 606-1001, and Discount Myrtle Beach Taxi Cab +1 843 685-2906 .

The North Strand is serviced by Absolute Taxi, +1 843 333-3333, Yellow Cab of North Myrtle Beach, +1 843 420-1200 and North Myrtle Beach Taxi Cab, +1 843 421-3662.

Taxi companies in the South End are Murrells Inlet Taxi Cab, +1 843 474-0707, and Pawleys Checker Taxi Cab, +1 843 283-8706.


Myrtle Beach's boardwalk



One of the main reasons many people come to Myrtle Beach is the many golf courses in the area, of which there are so many that Myrtle Beach can rightfully be (and has been) called the golf capital of the world. Most of the courses in Myrtle Beach are available to be played as part of a package deal with other courses, lodging, and meals. It is usually much less expensive to play, eat and stay in Myrtle Beach if you take advantage of this option.

Myrtle Beach is not only known for its world-class golf courses, but also for its numerous miniature golf courses. There are over 60 miniature golf courses in Myrtle Beach and many of them feature the latest designs and technology in the mini-golf industry.


The colorful signage of North Ocean Boulevard

Kings Highway, the main road through town, is lined with many discount beachwear stores. Be warned though: the prices they advertise on the signs out front are often flat-out false. As it turns out, there's an awful lot of leeway when it comes to the "Nothing Over $5.99" signs you'll see driving through town.









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Several smaller towns to the north and south (Briarcliffe, Atlantic Beach, North Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach, Murrells Inlet, Pawleys Island, and Garden City) in addition to Myrtle Beach make up what is known as the "Grand Strand".

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