Murals and graffiti

Murals and graffiti is something you frequently encounter in urban environments.


Mural on the cultural centre Fundação Amílcar Cabral in Praia

As long as mankind has been able to paint, people have been drawing and scribbling on surfaces. The oldest versions of these are thousands of years old, found inside caves and sometimes even listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites. Later on, especially churches and other religious buildings were decorated with pictures, especially on the inside.

Unwanted murals or scribble is known as graffiti. While it's far from a modern phenomenon, most people probably associate it with youth vandalizing public and private property using spray paint. However, nowadays there are established graffiti artists, graffiti events and "legal" walls. Graffiti paintings in this context often resemble artworks rather than illegible tags.


Loyalist mural in Belfast
A Sandinista mural in León, Nicaragua allegorically representing important events in recent Nicaraguan history

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