Mukah is a small coastal town located in the Mukah Division in the central region of Sarawak.


Mukah is different from other towns/cities in Sarawak, as the population is predominantly the Melanaus, hence the nickname The Melanau Heartland. Melanau language is the medium of communication here. However, Malay, Sarawak Malay, Iban, Mandarin Chinese, Hokkien, and English are spoken too. Mukah is the main sago producing area of Sarawak.

Get in

By air

Mukah Airport (MKM) is connected to Kuching and Miri with daily flights serve by MasWings.

By bus

Mukah is connected with major towns; Sibu,Bintulu, and Miri by express bus services.

Get around

By foot

Mukah is small and safe enough to be explored by foot.

By bus

Unfortunately, no bus services that serve in town. The only bus route is from Mukah town to Mukah Polytechnic.

By taxi

There is a taxi services that serve in town.Most taxi waits you at bus station.


Masjid Setia Raja is said to be one of the most beautiful mosques in South East Asia. The unique architecture of the mosque is its dome, which is the shape of the Melanau hat, terendak.

Lamin Dana, the living museum of the Melanau culture. Homestays are provided here.Telephone+60 84 871 543

Pesta Kaul (Kaul Festival) is a festival which is celebrated to pray for the well-being of the villagers when doing the work of fishing.


Boulevard Setia Raja' Walk and see the boulevard which located in between Medan Setia Raja and Medan Food Court. The boulevard connects the old town and the new town, with Medan Setia Raja in between. At the end of the boulevard, there is a clock tower.


You can buy specs from an old man who work for 20+ years at low costs.Simply ask the local where to find the oldest optical centre,and 85% of them know where it is.The shop's name :STANDARD OPTICAL CENTRE MUKAH.


Umai The Melanau version of sushi. Raw fish are sliced thin, and eaten with mix of ingredients including lime, onions, chillies and etc. Available in local food courts and the wet market.

Sago pearls was the staple food of the Melanaus. It is made from the sago plant.

Mukah ABC Try the local ABC in Medan Food Court. Comes in many varieties with very affordable price.


You can have variety of drinks such as canned beer,Milo,tea etc.


Kingwood Hotel A 3-star hotel located in Medan Setia Raja. Rates start from MYR 159. Tel: 6084-87 4996/874811

Kingwood Resort A 3-star resort located 12 km from the town, by the sea. Facilities include swimming pool, and conference rooms. Rates start from MYR 185. Tel: +60 84-87 3888

King Ing Hotel Tel: +60 84-871403 / +60 84-871420/ 871400 / 871409 located near the Mukah River. Rates from MYR 65.

Hotel Sri Umpang Tel: +60 84-87 1888

Mandyrin Hotel Tel: +60 84-872688 / +60 84-872699 located in the old township of Mukah. Rates from MYR 45.

The Sarina Hotel Tel: +60 84 872659 located in the new township of Mukah. Walking distance from the bus terminal and Maybank . Rates from MYR 50/

Qintai Inn Tel :+60 84-872572 Rates from MYR 45.

Weiming Hotel Tel: +60 84-872276 Rates from MYR 50. Located in the old township.

Mukah Inn Tel: +60 84-874277 Rates from MYR 35. Located in Medan Setia Raja.

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