Muju is a small town in the North Jeolla province, in South Korea. Muju is known for their annual Firefly Festival, as well as skiing, at nearby Muju Resort.


Firefly Bridge at night

Muju is located in the Sobaek Mountains in the center of South Korea. While Muju is infrequently visited for most of the year, the Firefly Festival invites thousands of tourists, primarily from within South Korea. Beyond the festival, Muju is famous within South Korea for the lively taekwondo scene, and is currently constructing a Taekwondo Park (to be completed 2013).

Muju County hosted the 1997 Winter Universiade.

Get in

By bus

Muju can be reached by bus from Jeonju, Daejeon, Seoul, and many other smaller, nearby cities.

By car

Using Highway 35, Muju can be reached in as little as 45 minutes from Daejeon, or just over an hour from Jeonju (Highway 20 to Highway 35).

Get around

Any location within the town of Muju can easily be reached by a short walk. Nearby attractions (such as the ski resort, Bandi Land, Mt. Jeoksang, etc) are easily accessed via taxi (fares start at 2300 won).


There are a wide variety of trails that lead directly out of the city into the nearby mountains. These are not clearly marked, so ask a local or do some exploring.



There is one small winery near Muju, located halfway up Mt. Jeoksang. A word of warning, though, the various wines will be nothing at all like wines from outside the country. There's a reason Korean wine is not internationally known. If, despite this, you want to try some, the most common brand is Magique Muju. A bottle of wine will run about 40,000 won.


Most restaurants serve typical Korean fare, one main dish with a lot of side dishes. While the Korean restaurants in Muju don't stand out from one another, they're all fairly good, and reasonably priced (a group of 6 can eat for about ₩40,000).


There is a surprisingly large number of bars in Muju. Unfortunately, none of them serve any imported liquors or beers whatsoever. Basically, the menu is limited to one brand of soju, and three brands of (Korean) beer.


Prices for rooms, especially in the love motels, can vary considerably depending on the season (they're much higher during the Firefly Festival, taekwondo events, and the middle of skiing season).

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