Muharraq is a metropolitan area in Bahrain, an island connected to the northeast of the capital of Manama.


Bahrain's former capital and third largest city, Muharraq has a long history dating back to approximately 3000 BCE. From ancient times until the 1930s the primary economic activity was pearling; today the city is known as a center for the arts and as one of the most religiously conservative districts in Bahrain.

In 2012 parts of Muharraq Island were collectively inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List because of their association with Bahrain's long history of pearling. These sites include seventeen historic buildings, Abu Mahir Fort, and three offshore oyster beds.

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From Manama you can easily get to Muharraq using one of the 3 modern causeways: 'Sheikh Isa Bin Salma', 'Sheikh Hamad' and 'Sheikh Khalifa Bin Salman'. All of them will lead you to the airport.


Sheikh Isa Bin Ali House
Arad Fort
Dhow shipyard


Drive to Amwaj, a far more developed "western-friendly" residential compound that is only 10 minutes away from the airport. It has top-notch hotels and resorts such as The Dragon and multiple of (pricey) restaurants one can choose from, such as Burger lounge, or the more luxurious Mojo - which also comes with a bar and a nightclub. The city is still largely under construction - A mall, a school, a hospital and tens of new apartments and hotels are still on their way. (as of 2011)




Bars are no where present in the more 'conservative' city of Muharraq, however, one can enjoy a stay the various Gahwas all around the city for Sheesha (Hookah), as well as mint tea, turkish coffee, Arabic coffee, or fresh juice.




It would be preferred to dress "modestly" when in Muharraq City; in other words, avoid shorts and sleeveless tops.

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