Mt. Chokai

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Mt. Chokai (鳥海山; Chokai-san) is a 2236m high mountain in southern Akita/northern Yamagata. Hiking Mt. Chokai is a regular undertaking, particularly in the summer. The mountain can also be climbed in the winter.

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The two popular trail heads for Mt. Chokai are in Yurihonjo and Nikaho, both in Akita. There are perhaps 10 different trailheads in all, including some in Yamagata, but most are hard to find and rarely used.

Climbing from Haraikawa


Mt. Chokai is high and exposed. If it gets cold, windy, and rainy, you should put on rain gear and go down. That being said, the weather doesn't change without warning, so if you use common sense it'll be fine. In the winter, people have died on Mt. Chokai because of bad weather. Don't climb Mt. Chokai in the winter in bad weather.


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