Moyobamba, the City of the Orchids, is the capital of the San Martín region in northern Peru.

Get in


Since the airport is not in use, the only way to get into Moyobamba is by road. Your best option is to use a bus company. There are buses from Lima, which take 24 hours to get to Moyobamba and travel during the night. Prices vary, with the most expensive being around 120 soles.

The fastest way to get to Moyobamba is to fly from Lima to Tarapoto and from Tarapoto take a taxi or bus to Moyobamba. Both LAN Peru and LC Perú fly to Tarapoto from Lima. A taxi will cost 25 soles and a bus will cost 20. The average time from Tarapoto to Moyobamba is 2 hours. Enjoy the view on the way!

You can also arrive from Iquitos, by boat to Yurimaguas and then a bus or taxi to Tarapoto and Moyobamba. Be aware, though, that the road is winding, with several ups and downs, and it can be a problem if you are prone to motion sickness. it is otherwise breathtaking in its beauty.

Get around

You can either walk or catch a moto-taxi (a modified motorbike with three wheels and a carriage at the back for three passengers). Most journeys with a moto-taxi cost 1 sol 50 cents. Some drivers may try to charge more when they see you are not from Peru. Remember to state your price before you get into the taxi.





Peruvian Amazon has a huge selection of jungle drinks, of which many many are touted as being aphrodisiacs with suggestive names to match.


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