Moyo is an island off the north coast of Sumbawa.


This small 349 sq km island is the epitome of a remote Indonesian desert island with one very large exception - it houses an internationally famous luxury resort which is the only place to stay.

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Way to Go : Travira Floatplane from Lombok Airport to Moyo USD $ 2800. for 3 persons Flight by Trigana Air from Lombok airport to Sumbawa, (30 minutes). Transfer to Ai Bari harbor (30 minutes) then by speed boat from Sumbawa Besar to Moyo island (15 minutes). package price USD. 100/pax.


Moyo Dive Sumbawa offers you a wide range of diving and snorkeling activities on all famous Dive Sites the Moyo Island, Satonda Island, Medang Island and even Komodo National Park. Sumbawa is easily accessed with direct flight from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Perth, Australia. Bali is only a 45 minute flight away from Sumbawa Airport. Our Office is only 3 minute away from the airport.

Our daily program is to pick up guests directly from their hotel in the Sumbawa Besar area at approx 7.00 am and return to Sumbawa Besar approx 5.00 pm if the activities is around Moyo Island, Satonda Island and Medang Island.

We are offer snorkeling and trekking trip on Moyo Island. Also we are pleased to offer you assistance in finding accommodation, transfers, domestic flights and tour-planning to Sumbawa or from Sumbawa.

There so many divesites we can offers you on Moyo Island, Satonda Island and Medang Island. We more then welcome to offers you to explore all the divesite in here.

DIVE SITE - Panjang Timur Reef :

  Soft coral, Hard coral, Manta rays,
  Shark, Big eyes tuna, Banner fish

- Panjang Barat Reef :

  Soft coral, Hard coral, Manta rays,
  Shark, Big eyes tuna, Banner fish

- Labuan Aji Wall :

  Hard and soft corals, Shark, Sting rays, Morrish Idols

- Labuan Aji Slope :

  Hard and soft corals, Shark, Sting rays, Morrish Idols

- Labuan Aji Takat :

  Nudibranch, Sting rays, Turtle
  ngel Reef :
  Morrish Idols, Sting rays, Nudibranch

- Berang Sedo Wall :

  Nudibranch, Small fishes

- Turtle Street :

  Green Turtle, Barracuda

- Tanjung Menangis Wall :

  Shark, Batfish, Tuna, Manta rays, Dolphins

- Tanjung Pasir :

  Shallow dive, Live corals, Small fishes

- Tanjung Pasir Slope :

  Shallow dive, Live corals, Smal lfishes

- Kaka Wall :

  Nudibranch, Roaster, Mantis shrimps

- Wreck Dive :

  Japanesse wreck, Mud dive, the wreck on 25m depth


  Soft corals, Nudibranch,
  Mantis shrimps

- Mud Reef :

  Nudibranch, Macro dive

- Soft Coral Reef :

  Soft corals, Small fishes


  Beautiful coral, Shark, Sting rays,
  Manta rays

- Never Ending Reef :

  Soft corals, Small fishes,
  Max dept 18m

PRICE LIST ($) per pax :

Dive in Moyo Island      
2 X Boat Dive               : USD. 120
Extra 1 X Night Dive     : USD. 50
Minimum 2 People
Dive in Satonda Island      
2 X Boat Dive                : USD. 160
Minimum 2 People
Dive in Medang Island      
2 X Boat Dive                : USD. 140
Minimum 2 People
1 Day Snorkeling Trips      
Minimum 4 People          : USD. 25
Private Charter Boat       : USD. 150

   - For diving activities, customer must have a diving certification
   - All Moyo Dive scuba dives are boat dive in small groups(2-5 person)
 They are guided by qualified PADI Divemasters
   - Moyo Dive Centre offers a wide variety of PADI courses, Fun dives, night dives
   - Price for certified diver guest are including Divemaster or Instructor all equipment,
 lunch, soft drink and return transportation

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