Expedition to the peek of Taygetos, Greece.

Mountaineering is about trekking in mountains and climbing the mountains, often with specialised equipment.

The sport of mountaineering aims at reaching the highest point of mountains, preferably high, difficult to climb or (mostly historically) yet unclimbed ones. The techniques differ depending on whether the terrain is rock, snow or ice, and in many cases the mountaineer has to face all of them in difficult (cold and windy) conditions at high altitudes after a long wilderness hike. Except the easiest mountains, mountaineering requires experience, athletic ability, good equipment, and technical knowledge, and safety can seldom be guaranteed.


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High peeks

"Easy" high peaks

Other areas

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Mountaineers descending in the High Tatras, Slovakia.



Camp in the Tangra Mountains, South Shetland Islands.

Stay safe

When climbing, there is the risk of falling. On deep ice and snow there can be crevasses obscured by snowbridges. There are also the risks of avalanches, falling rock and ice, altitude sickness, snow blindness, cold weather etc.

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