Baekdu Mountains

The caldera lake at Baekdu mountain

The Baekdu Mountains (Korean: 백두산맥) are a range in the northern part of North Korea spanning the provinces of Ryanggang and Chagang that are of huge symbolic importance to many Koreans.

An easier (and less restricted) option to visit this area is to go to visit the Changbaishan National Nature Reserve on the Chinese side of the border.


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This region takes it name from the Baekdu mountain range (also known as the Changbai Mountains) which spans both provinces as well as the Manchu province of China. The area is highly mountainous with many peaks exceeding 2,000 m. The highest peak is Mount Baekdu which is one of the most popular visitor destinations in North Korea, and also what many Koreans consider their mythic origin. The region shares a long border with China, partly formed by the Yalu River and Tumen Rivers. While Chagang is rich in mineral resources Ryangang, to the west, is one of the poorest provinces.

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Air Koryo has regular charter flights to Samjiyon (삼지연군), for tours to Mount Baekdu and, thanks to tourist dollars, they are a fairly frequent occurrence. There is a combined military and civilian airport in Kangye, since it's also connected to Pyongyang by a road and a railway serves a transportation hub for the western part of the region.

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The only regional transport you're likely to be able to use is a government provided bus at the airport in Samjiyon.



Cable car at the top of Mount Baekdu

Stay safe

Mount Baekdu is an active volcano that last erupted in 1903. Experts believe that the volcano will erupt every 100 years or so, and therefore it is due for another one soon.

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