Mount Longonot National Park

Mount Longonot National Park is in the Southern Rift Valley of Kenya.


Mount Longonot is an old volcano. Its highest peak is at about 2700m.


It is located near Lake Naivasha and is in the proximity of Nairobi. The latter makes it a perfect day trip option.


Despite the altitude it can get pretty hot. You are well advised to stock up on sun screen. A good idea is to start very early to avoid the noon heat.

Get in

It is easily accessible by car. Getting there by other means of transport is possible. However, it will include taking a taxi or walking considerable distances.



The track starts right behind the park entrance at 2160m. It leads you straight up to the corona. From there on the path is almost always directly on the ridge of the corona. This will give you stunning views throughout the whole trip. It is advised to do it counter clockwise. This way you will have a better ascent to the peak. Also you should reach the peak after the first third of your way.

It is possible to enter into the corona. Check with the park ranger before getting there. You may be required to take a ranger (who may or may not be there). Also you will to factor in a serious amount of extra time.

The trip up to the Corona should take around 1.5-2 hours. Walking around and up the peak will be another 3 hours. Walking down should not take longer than an hour. Total time for up and around could be 6 hours. That said, the guy at the shop at the park entrance does it in less than 3 hours.


While you are walking on the ridge you can try to spot some of the still active spots. At some points on the inner crater rim it may be possible to see some steam coming out. The approximate GPS location is -0.911554, 36.450354, which is the northern (NNW) inner side of the crater. Depending on the condition you may not see the steam jets at all. It may be possible to decent halfway into the crater to these steams. Be careful though, the path can be very steep. You should know what you are doing.


There is a basic shop at the park gate where you can buy water, soft drinks and sweets.


It may be possible to camp inside the crater overnight. Check with the park personnel.

Stay safe

Though the animals are not considered dangerous in this area, you should be aware. Also it is not allowed/recommended to enter the crater without a ranger. Leopards and other potentially harmful animals are to be expected.

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