Mount Hermon

The ski resort during the winter
The resort in the summer
Snow at Majdal-Shams, the town closest to the ski resort

Mount Hermon is in the Golan Heights.


This is Israel's highest mountain and is home to country's sole ski resort. Part of the mountain is in Israel (i.e., the part of the Golan Heights annexed by Israel) and the rest in Lebanon and Syria. Since Israel is officially at war with those countries, it is not possible to approach, much less cross the border.

There is snow for only part of the year, so check ahead to see if you can come ski. At other times, you can still visit and enjoy the views, the wildflowers, and so on at a much cheaper price.

Get in

Generally, you must come by private car. There is no public transportation within about 10 km of the ski site. The ski company offers bus trips from Tel Aviv to the ski site. Call them for details (see internet site below).



Food can be purchased at the ski site, and there are restaurants in several towns nearby (Neve Ativ, Majdal Shams).



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