Mount Etna

Peak of Mt. Etna.

Mount Etna is a 3323m high active volcano in Sicily, Italy.


The mountain has an eerie volcanic landscape, with solidifed "rivers" of lava. It is used for skiing in winter, so be prepared for the cold at this altitude, even in summer. Even in good weather in summer, sometimes the top of the mountain is covered in cloud, especially during the afternoon, obscuring the wonderful views.

Mount Etna was inscribed to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2013.

Get in

By bus

One bus a day runs to and from Catania and Nicolosi, to Rifugio Sapienza about 1400m below the summit on the south side, giving you enough time for a trip up the mountain and a wander. The bus in Catania leaves from the bus terminal outside the central station - tickets can be bought from the "Bar Terminal" shop opposite the bus stop, and cost around 8 euro for a return ticket. The bus takes under 2 hours each way and stops several times in Catania .

By tour bus

Many agencies in Taormina offer organised trips to and around the mountain.

Tours can also be arranged by contacting: the Parco Regionale dell'Etna, Via Etnea 107, Nicolosi, tel: +39 095 914588.

Get around

There are a few ways to get around on Mount Etna:

  • Pay for a trip on a 4-wheel-drive vehicle + cable car (60€ A/R but they have agreements with some close hotels) about 800m nearer the top.
  • Walk (no climbing gear required in summer). The walk is steep and, being a volcano, is pumice scree. In bad weather, you can walk if you are experienced and prepared for freezing weather. The walk can be a little strenuous for the inexperienced, particularly considering the altitude.




There are lots of souvenir shops around Rifugio Sapienza.


There are several cafes / restaurants around Rifugio Sapienza.


You can buy many hot chocolates to warm up your toasty bones. Also on colder months, as you go up Mt. Etna you will find several shops and there you can buy the drink, "Fuoco dell'Etna" which is a liqueur which will definitely keep you warm as you hike up. It will get very cold.


You can sleep in Rifugio Sapienza itself.

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